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A Stay for the Kei

Yesterday started as a pretty typical Wednesday where I spend a bit of time preparing my notes for The Revival Motoring Podcast as to not look like a blabbering idiot with nothing to record about. If you listen you'll know i've been doing a weekly segment since this whole Kei battle started documenting my progress and of course calling Billy at the DMV weekly for updates. After just having my lawyer submit notice for an appeal Tuesday I decided that i'll give the DMV a day off and just go over some safety standard research i've done and a few little things. Then the unthinkable happened, shortly before lunch Billy from the DMV called me.

This may come as a surprise to anyone who's tried calling into their local Motor Vehicle Authority as in my experience it's basically impossible to get beyond the robo-phone-attendant and I usually just end up smashing numbers screaming profanity. Now I have mentioned before that Billy from the DMV was always courteous and professional with me but this time around he was downright cheerful! Billy informed me that a "stay" has been issued on my cases (both Kei cars) and the "issues for my suspension had been satisfied". I was honestly awestruck, quickly hung up with my new favorite DMV employee and was basically running around telling everyone we won! A few hours later I decided to call and clarify and make sure I hadn't imagined this phone call. Turns out this stay is for everyone currently affected by these unlawful rulings again Kei vehicles as confirmed by Billy and multiple other owners.

The battle has been won however the war continues. The stay apparently should laws for 30-60 days while the administration at the DMV comes up with a decision on what to do about our pesky enthusiast cars. I was able to speak with the head of safety at the DMV who hinted at the possibility of them having some type of restricted use, I would assume this would mean a ban from highways. While I am not in favor of a policy as such I am happy for a step in the right direction.

What do we do now? Obviously we wait for a solution to this stay, we also have to remain vigilant on new laws being passed as to not have one slipped through like the state of Maine. Anyone who did not surrender their plates are able to drive their vehicles without fear of suspension. I have been informed if a plate was surrendered they are not returning them and I don't know how this is legal. Anyone with information that can help our cause please pass it along. For now we can celebrate momentarily.

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1 Comment

Ian Falcone
Ian Falcone
May 05, 2023

Any new and recent updates?? Really want a Acty but really would like to have my own registration and insurance...

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